Diffraction-Limited Imaging with a Graphene Metalens

Planar graphene metalens has demonstrated advantages of ultrathin thickness (200 nm), high focusing resolution (343 nm) and efficiency (>32%) and robust mechanical strength and flexibility. However, diffraction-limited imaging with such a graphene metalens has not been realized, which holds the key to designing practical integrated imaging systems. In this work, the imaging rule for graphene metalenses is first derived and theoretically verified by using the Rayleigh-Sommerfeld diffraction theory to simulate the imaging performance of the 200nm ultrathin graphene metalens. The imaging rule is applicable to graphene metalenses in different immersion media, including water or oil. Based on the theoretical prediction, high-resolution imaging using the graphene metalens with diffraction-limited resolution (500 nm) is demonstrated for the first time. This work opens the possibility for graphene metalenses to be applied in particle tracking, microfluidic chips and biomedical devices.

This paper was titled “Diffraction-Limited Imaging with a Graphene Metalens” and published on Chinese Physics Letters. The first author is Xueyan Li.

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