Ultrafast Fibre Bragg Grating (UFBG)

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Industry Challenge

What is Fibre Bragg Grating (FBG) ?

Fibre Bragg Grating (FBG) is a miniaturised optical reflector built in an optical fibre that reflects particular wavelength of light and transmits all others. FBGs can be used broadly in optical sensing systems and optical communication systems. In the meantime, the ultra-narrow bandwidth of FBGs making it extremely suitable for high-power ultra-narrow band fibre lasers.

FBGs are extremely sensitive to external environment changes such as temperature, pressure, strain, etc. Thus, FBGs have diverse applications in industries such as oil and gas, mining, power plant, clean energy and health monitoring, etc.

Traditional FBGs are inscribed by UV light and a phase mask. This technique for manufacturing FBGs is well established in the industry, yet the process features:

  • Low mechanical strength
  • Low temperature stability
  • Low fabrication flexibility
  • limited dynamic range

The above listed limitations may constrain FBGs’ performance in optical sensing and communication systems.

Product Features

Enabled by the world-leading ultrafast laser intelligent nanofabrication technology, Innofocus has developed fully customisable Ultrafast FBG devices manufactured with ultrafast femtosecond laser pulses, demonstrating high performance and high consistency. UFBGs are extremely suitable for a wide range of industries including oil & gas, mining, transportation and other sensing applications, optical communication systems, and even meeting the high requirements for high-power fibre lasers.

Our Ultrafast FBG (UFBG) Portfolio


UFBG_S are femtosecond laser fabricated single FBG with standard reflectivity. There are two key product categories for UFBG_S:

Ultrahigh Temperature UFBG_S

High Temperature UFBG_S

(For full specifications please download our Ultrafast FBG Product Catalog Oct 2023 at the top left corner of the page)


UFBG_W are femtosecond laser fabricated FBG Array with low reflectivity down to <0.001%, allowing up allowing for up to 100,000 FBG structures within one fibre.

(For full specifications please download our Ultrafast FBG Product Catalog Oct 2023 at the top left corner of the page)

Down to < 0.001%, allowing for up to100,000 FBG structures within one fibre

Able to continuously fabricate FBGs up to5 km, extending the sensing range

Small grating spacing enabling higher sensing accuracy

Specialised UFBG

Specialised UFBGs are femtosecond laser fabricated FBG devices with fully customised reflectivity, bandwidth & central wavelength according to our customer requirements.

(For full specifications please download our Ultrafast FBG Product Catalog Oct 2023 at the top left corner of the page)

Sensors and Demodulators

Innofocus also offers sensors and demodulators. They are immune to humidity, radioactivity and chemical corrosion, enabling them to have broad applications for a variety of sensing systems. Innofocus’s sensors have high temperature and pressure stability. The applicable temperature is up to 1000 °C, and applicable pressure is up to 60 MPa.

The sensors available at Innofocus are:

  • UFBG Temperature Sensor
  • UFBG Pressure Sensor
  • UFBG Strain Sensor
  • UFBG Soil Pressure Sensor

Innofocus also provides IF-GD-i6 Demodulator.

Please refer to our Ultrafast FBG Product Catalog Oct 2023 for more information.