Reinvent manufacturing at nanoscale

Nano-Manufacturing refers to the production of materials, structures, devices, and systems at the nanoscale level, typically within the range of a few to hundreds of nanometres (1 nanometre is one ten-thousandth the diameter of a human hair). Innovations in ultrafast laser nanofabrication technology will not only enable higher resolution, but more importantly, will enable us to break free from the inherent limitations of traditional materials, leading to creation of unprecedented properties and performance that can profoundly transform industries and sectors of our society.

However, conventional nanofabrication processes have their limitations, e.g. requirement of sophisticated equipment, cost ineffectiveness. Therefore, the yield of nano-manufacturing is severely limited, restricting their applications to top-notch industries only. 

To revolutionise, Innofocus has developed world-leading nano-manufacturing capabilities featuring large-area 3D processing of materials at high resolution, high speed and high accuracy. Our ultrafast laser nano-manufacturing equipment integrates frontier technologies to achieve intelligent automation, enabling a vast number of industrial applications e.g. all-optical network, oil & mining sensing, food & agritech solutions, biomedical engineering etc., leading worldwide transformation into the nano-manufacturing era. 

In-Situ 3D Refractive Index Characterisation and Imaging Function

Surface Autotracing Technology

Surface Autolanding Technology

Automatic Fiber Core Tracing Technology

PowerFlex Control Module

Position-Time Synchronization Trigger

Multi-Material Applicable Laser Processing

Focal Spot Shaping

Multi-Focal Parallel Fabrication

Aberration Correction Function


Our solutions

Fiber Bragg Grating


Microlens Array

Free form optical devices

Single-Core-Multi-Core 3D Photonics Chip Processing

Metasurface structure

Graphene oxide mid-infrared polarizer

Photonic Wire Bonding

Periodic Nanostructures

Microfluidic devices

Glass Fabrication

Holographic display

Silicon Photonics

3D In-situ Refractive Index Characterization Breakthrough in Laser Nanofabrication