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Customer Requirement

For customers who are new to the field of laser 3D nano-fabrication, they are not sure whether laser 3D nano-fabrication can meet their application needs and achieve their aiming parameters because they do not yet have a deep understanding of laser 3D nano-fabrication technology and processing capabilities. In response to the above situation, we propose a sample design and prototyping service. This service includes the following aspects:

1)  Provide users with a full understanding of laser 3D nano-fabrication technology and its capabilities, including processing accuracy, technical parameters, and the characteristics of the processed samples, including optical, electrical, and thermal properties;

2)  Provide users with solutions for processing a certain sample, including designing the processing structure, processing method, selection of laser parameters, selection of laser processing machine parameters, recommendation of sample materials, determination of processing process and processing parameters, performance characterization of the processed sample, and practical application testing.

Depending on the requirements we offer different solutions.

1. The customer is clear about the details of the structure to be fabricated. In this case, the customer has original experience in fabricating the device using different processes, understands the core parameters of the device, and also understands the bottleneck of the current technology.  

For such customer needs, Innofocus will first meet with the customer to understand the core parameters of the sample to be fabricated and the current fabrication technology, as well as the current technical bottlenecks as perceived by the customer, and the vision to be achieved through laser 3D nano-fabrication technology. At the same time, we will propose a one-stop service from design to fabrication to characterization for specific needs.

2. The customer only has a functional application requirement for the sample, but is not clear about the required materials, fabricating, and performance parameters.

For this type of request, Innofocus will first understand the desired application area and whether there are any special performance requirements for the sample. Then, Innofocus will propose options of material platform and fabrication solutions for this requirement as well as possible device designs for the requirements, such as the design of 3D optical components for special optical field distribution, and the simulation of the optical field distribution. After receiving the customer’s approval, we provide a one-stop service for design, fabricating, and characterization.

Product Performance

During the prototype process, Innofocus provides customers with a one-stop full range of professional services, including:

1.    Optimal product fabrication design. Based on the deep scientific research strength of Innofocus R&D team, we will combine with customer needs to achieve a product design that can meet customer needs with high precision, high structural stability, and designs that can be processed with high efficiency.

2.   Product fabrication process solution. According to the product requirements, we will develop a unique process to achieve high precision, fast and high throughput. By iteratively optimizing the fabrication parameters during the process, including the laser, power, line width and other parameters that are closely related to the fabrication results.

3.    Product test characterization report. At the same time, we will use the most advanced characterization tools for the product according to the customer’s needs, such as scanning electron microscope, atomic force microscope, optical profiler to characterize the surface morphology and roughness of the product, UV-VIS spectrometer and FTIR infrared spectrometer to characterize the spectral response of the sample in different optical bands, high-resolution imaging system to characterize the product’s near-field and far-field imaging properties of the product, including efficiency and resolution.

4.   Characterization for customer-specific requirements. We can perform further special characterization according to the customer’s application scenarios, such as using solar simulators to characterize the photothermal and photoelectric efficiency of processed samples, using four-probe meters to characterize the electrical conductivity of materials, heating to characterize the thermal stability of products, strong acids and bases to characterize the chemical stability of samples, and realistic application scenarios to characterize the actual application properties of samples.

Customer Value

Based on the scientific strength of the Innofocus R&D team and the unique advantages of 3D laser nano-fabrication technology, the feasibility of using 3D laser nano-fabrication for their products is verified on the basis of clear customer requirements. In this process, the customer can also learn the parameters of the laser required to process their products, and the machine parameters.

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