New Materials


Recharacterising materials at the nanoscale

Innovations in ultrafast laser nanofabrication technology enables us to break free from the inherent limitations of traditional materials, leading to creation of unprecedented properties and performance that can profoundly transform industries and sectors of our society.

Thanks to the high-resolution, high-precision intelligent nanofabrication capabilities introduced by our nanoLAB product line, Innofocus is capable of recharacterising materials by developing novel 3D nanostructures, driving development of unique nanomaterial properties, introducing new avenues for critical industrial applications in energy storage, healthcare, global supply chain, food & agritech. 

Electricity-Free Cooling Film

The world-best high-performance cooling film capable of cooling down any objects without using any electricity, by employing radiative cooling principle.

Spectrum-Selective Cooling Film

Spectrum selective cooling film for sustainable greenhouse, capable of controlling efficient thermal and spectral emissions for food and agriculture industry.

Highly-Encrypted Nano Digital ID

Colorful digital ID tag that can be directly engraved on products without any additional attachment, providing lifetime anti-counterfeiting protection.