New Equipment


Our intelligent ultra-fast laser nanofabrication systems

To meet the customers’ requirements from both academia and industry, Innofocus has developed a full range of intelligent femtosecond laser nanofabrication systems, namely the nanoLAB series, featuring a number of our core technology invention patents in the fields of optics, electromechanics, algorithms and automated software systems.

The nanoLAB series offer large-area 3D processing capabilities at high resolution, high precision and high speed. With various intelligent function modules, our systems enable tailor-made nanofabrication and nanomanufacturing solutions for your research and industrial application needs.

nanoLAB HoloView 3DRI

The world-only, multiple-award winning nanofabrication system with in-situ 3D refractive index characterisation functionality.

HoloView 3DRI Characterisation Equipment

Standalone full-view metrology model of our award-winning 3D refractive index characterisation equipment.

nanoLAB Roll-to-Roll FBG Fabrication

The world-first FBG manufacturing equipment integrated with rollers specialised for fiber delivery and collection.

nanoLAB TransBeam

Beam-shaping modules for improving spatial resolution and advanced light field modulation.​​

nanoLAB AI-Vision

AI-vision automation functions for high-quality, high-yield nano-manufacturing.

nanoLAB Multi-Material

Flexible control over multi-material nanoprocessing including fabrication on 3D and 2D materials.

nanoLAB Dualwave AlignFree

One-click switching between different laser wavelengths for optimizing fabrication results.