New Devices


Our Ultrafast Fibre Bragg Gratings

Fibre Bragg Grating (FBG) is a miniaturised optical reflector built in an optical fibre that reflects particular wavelength of light and transmits all others. FBGs are extremely sensitive to external environment changes such as temperature, pressure, strain, which make them broadly applicable to industries such as optical sensing and communication, oil and gas, mining, power plant, clean energy and health monitoring, etc.

Manufactured with femtosecond laser pulses, Innofocus has developed Ultrafast FBG (UFBG) devices, featuring high mechanical strength, high temperature stability, fully customisable fabrication and wide dynamic range. Our high-performance, high-consistency and fully customisable UFBGs are particularly suitable for extreme environment sensing systems e.g. oil & gas, mining, and all-in-one long-distance sensing systems e.g. optical commuication and transportation. 

Ultrafast FBG (UFBG)

Our UFBGs feature 3 variant product lines: UFBG_S, UFBG_W and Specialised UFBG, in response to different industry needs and tailored to our customer requirements.

UFBG Sensors and Demodulators

We also offer sensors and demodulators that are immune to humidity, radioactivity and chemical corrosion, enabling them to have broad applications for a variety of sensing systems.


Miniaturised and integrated devices

The rapid development of modern manufacturing has placed enormous demands on miniaturised and integrated devices. Enabled by our intelligent femtosecond laser nanofabrication capabilities, Innofocus has been dedicated to the development of advanced photonic devices, catalysing frontier technology research and industrial solutions. 

Featuring our high-resolution, non-invasive nanofabrication technology, combined with in-situ 3D refractive index characterisation functionality, Innofocus can introduce fast processing cycle for prototyping and optimising, driving development of cutting-edge miniature devices in a number of disciplines including ICT, quantum tech, medicals and biotech etc.

Microfluidic Devices

High-Efficiency manufacturing of micro-nano fluidic devices for medicine development and port-of-care clinical applications.

Integrated Photonic Chips

High-resolution and high-performance integrated photonic chips manufacturing for IT & CT, Quantum Tech, BioTech, MedTech, and VR/AR industries.

Ultra-thin 2D Flat Lens

Femtosecond laser fabrication of single atomic-layer 2D materials for ultra-thin flat lenses, contributing to optical microscope biotech solution.

Microlens Array

Fabrication of high-quality achromatic aspherical microlens array structures. The microlens array are all in the same plane, while forming a dense structure with no gaps in between.

Live Cell Non-invasive 3D Imaging

World-unique, non-invasive real-time cell microscopy solution for clinical and diagnostic research (cell development, blood disease research, and immunisation cell studies)