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Industry Challenge

Generally, laser nanofabrication is extremely complicated, due to its requirements of nanoscale precision and multiple tuneable parameters including laser power, repetition rate, wavelength, processing speed, etc. For a user with some optical background knowledge, it takes at least one year of professional training to learn and master, and obtain solid processing results. Therefore, for those who are new to laser nano-processing, the high technical threshold to begin is a common challenge, Users often fail to achieve expected processing results in a short amount of time.

Product Performance

To lower the threshold and to help users to achieve optimal results in shortest possible time, for the first time in laser nanofabrication, Innofocus users AI-assisted system that employs machine vision to locate the surface of material to trace the surface of the material substrate and identify parameters.

AI-vision-assisted automatic surface landing function

AI-Vision assisted surface autolanding technology developed by Innofocus includes a 3-step process as shown in these images: 

1. Shallow Focus

2. Autodetecting

3. Positioning to surface after autolanding

Autolanding function can locate the surface of the material to be processed to enhance the throughput and minimize the risk of collisions between the nanofabrication system and the material.

AI-vision-assisted automatic surface tracing function

Generally, we assume that the material surface to be processed is perfectly aligned with the operation stage without any tilt or bent. However, this is not true in most cases and any tilt or bent could significantly influence the quality and yield of fabrication.

With the autotracing function developed by Innofocus, the inaccuracy and distortions caused by any tilt or bent would be avoided. It would trace the surface of the material and automatically adjust the laser focus in real time to optimize the fabrication results, thereby greatly improving the yield of fabrication.

AI-Vision assisted surface autotracing technology developed by Innofocus allows the nanofabrication system to automatically trace the surface of the material and adjust the laser focus in real time to optimize the processing results. Inaccuracy and distortions caused by any tilt or bent would be avoided.

AI-vision-assisted automatic fiber core tracing function

Innofocus also developed automatic fiber core tracing function enabled by AI-vision. It can automatically identify the fiber core and monitor the fabrication process by calculating the tilt angle of the core, to thereby correct the fabrication path to align with the fiber core. It therefore keeps laser focus in the fiber core throughout the fabrication process.

As a result, AI-vision-assisted intelligence nanofabrication system can significantly reduce the requirements for user experience and expertise, minimize manual operation, and greatly improve the consistency and safety of processing, which increases the yield to shorten customer’s optimization cycle, enabling them to achieve optimal results in shorter time period.

Customer Value

While contributing to the research field, nanoLAB AIV will further play a key role in industrialised production. Innofocus AIV model can automatically control the fabrication process and monitor the whole process through AI-vision, based on any specific material and specific structure of design, which enables high-quality and high-yield production.