Our Patents

NanoPrint3D developed by Innofocus features a patented technology named surface autotracing function. This in-built function allows the nanofabrication system to identify the substrate and the surface to be fabricated, and then automatically trace the surface throughout the fabrication process. 

Generally, we assume that the material surface to be fabricated is perfectly aligned with the operation stage without any tilt or bent. However, this is not true in most cases and any tilt or bent could significantly influence the quality and yield of fabrication. 

With the autotracing function developed by Innofocus, the inaccuracy and distortions caused by any tilt or bent would be avoided. It would trace the surface of the material and automatically adjust the laser focus to optimize the fabrication results, thereby greatly improving the yield of fabrication.

1. Surface Autotracing Technology

2. Surface Autolanding Technology

NanoPrint3D developed by Innofocus features another patented technology named surface autolanding function. Autolanding function can locate the surface of the material to be fabricated to enhance the throughput and minimize the risk of collisions between system and material.

This includes a 3-step process:

1. Shallow focus as shown in Image2.1 

2. Autodetecting as shown in Image2.2

3. Positioning to surface after autolanding process, as shown in Image2.3. 

3. Automatic Fiber Core Tracing Function

The automatic fiber core tracing function employs artificial intelligence powered image recognition technology to supervise the fabrication process, and automatically locate the fiber core to keep the laser beam in focus throughout the whole process. 

It can automatically recognize the fiber core and calculate the tilt angle of the core then identify in one of the three situations: shallow focus, in focus and deep focus. 

It thereby corrects the fabrication position in-situ in real time, significantly improving the yield. The technology can be applied to any material and pattern configurations of fiber structure.