Intelligent 3D Laser Nanofabrication for All Disciplines ——— Semiconductor Review

Semiconductor Review, a leading U.S. technology-oriented media specialist, recently published an article in its Vendor Viewpoint column, Innofocus: Intelligent 3D laser nanofabrication for all disciplines. In the article, Innofocus introduces its world’s first and leading product, the intelligent laser nanofabrication system with 3D in-situ refractive index characterization (In-situ 3D HoloViewTM Module). Relying on Innofocus’ proven technology and the industry’s only commercial-grade equipment, research and industrial customers are able to perform in-situ 3D observation and imaging during nanofabrication processing. The system fully utilizes its non-destructive and non-invasive advantages to create excellent application value in the fields of all-optical communication, sensors, biological research and micro-optical devices.

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