ARC Linkage Projects Grants Confirmed — “High Yield Adaptive Laser Nanomanufacturing System for Photonic Devices” By Innofocus

We are so proud that our application “High Yield Adaptive Laser Nanomanufacturing System for Photonic Devices”, a three-year project with a grant of A$470,000, has been announced one of the ARC Linkage Projects in 2021 Round 1 scheme. This project is granted by both the Australian Research Council and Innofocus, led by Innofocus and collaborated with the research team from Swinburne University of Technolgy.

The project aims at developing an entirely new nanofabrication platform combining adaptive beamshaping with highly accurate large area nanopositioner to simultaneously address the throughput and accuracy challenges in nanomanufacturing. The proposed prototype system and fabricated photonic chips have performance far surpassing the state-of-the-art. Through trial in the industrial best laser nanofabrication system, commercial benefits can be fast tracked for Australian industry in the rapidly expanding nanomanufacturing field. The outcomes lead to a platform technology enabling broad impact and benefits to other high-tech applications requiring high precision and throughput, enhancing Australia’s leading position in advanced manufacturing.

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