Innofocus’s Project Has Been Awarded the Engineers Australia 2022 Victoria Excellence Projects Awards Finalist

Innofocus is honoured to have been awarded the Engineers Australia 2022 Victoria Excellence Projects Awards Finalist! (Project name: A Highly Encrypted Laser Nanofabrication Method for Engraving Colourful Digital ID Tags).

Our project designed and developed an innovation of nanostructural colour-printed tags — the Nano Colour Digital ID, enabled by a state-of-the-art ultrafast-laser nanofabrication system Innofocus developed. Based on Innofocus’ understanding of intelligent manufacturing in the fields of nanofabrication, properly designed nanostructures with embedded large volume of ID information are directly and permanently engraved into products, which fundamentally differentiate them from any other digital IDs have been used so far. This project aims to revolutionise existing digital ID technologies and address data security and provenance of digital commodities, delivering top-notch Australian engineering excellence, establishing Australia’s lead position in intelligent manufacturing in the accelerating global digitalisation.

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