Our Advisors

Jeff Williams

Simon Johnston

Sergio dutra

Charlie Dai

Jeff Williams

Senior Science Advisor

Dr. Jeff Williams came off a long and productive primary career in academic microbiology and infectious diseases (27 years as Professor of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics at Michigan State University) to cofound a technology start-up, HaloSource Inc, Seattle, WA in 1998. Retiring, again, in 2013, he now provides technology advice to several technology innovation companies, and serves as Chief Science Officer at Briotech Inc, Woodinville, WA.

Jeff has been a key driver behind discoveries and developments that make up intellectual property portfolios. He is author of over 200 scientific papers and textbook chapters, and 10 patents, most recently in the areas of functional polymers and infection and odor control. He served as a member of the Board of Counselors to the US-NIH, and has been a frequent consultant to the World Health Organization. Jeff was elected Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) in 1996. He holds degrees from the Universities of Bristol, UK (1964), and Pennsylvania (1968), where he was a Fulbright Scholar.

Simon Johnston

Business Innovation Consultant

Simon Johnston is an honors graduate of the University of Washington. He had great experience in the areas of selling business equipment, dental materials and medical diagnostics. Throughout his career path, Mr Johnston has been always playing an active and passionate role in establishing and operating technology product enterprises, and he is also a visionary entrepreneur in the recent years supporting incubation and development of high-tech start-ups.

In 1979, Mr Johnston started his first business Scientific Resource Associates, a biomedical products distribution business. In 1990, he patented a dental device and started a company Clearline Inc. to manufacture and sell products in the area of antimicrobial textiles. He has rich experience in collaborating with universities, including the University of California, University of Texas and the University of South Dakota etc., on licencing technology IP and transforming them into commercial products.

Mr Johnston has founded a company in the U.S. 5 years ago involving chemical technologies in area of antimicrobials and odor control, and this company’s products branded as NonScents are very popular and well sold in both online and offline market channels. Mr Johnston is also an active inventor contributed to several patents granted by the USPTO. Recently he has started new company Medetech Corporation that has licensed the medical and healthcare applications of some really disruptive patented technologies, aiming at producing high-performance, ultra-long-acting, full-scenario sterilization and disinfection products and solutions.

Sergio Dutra

Enterprise Security Advisor

Sergio Dutra is an enterprise security architect at NBN. He has experience with all aspects of software development, including design, architecture, coding, and quality management; and has worked on typically large software products with a focus on security. Sergio has always had a passion for building secure, usable, and high-quality software. He has a track record of making software security understandable and achievable for product teams, solving problems analytically, and keeping a sharp focus on customers and business objectives.

Sergio started his software career in earnest in 1996 at Microsoft, where he worked on cryptography, public key infrastructure, biometrics, smart cards, and other Windows operating system components. Sergio took several leadership roles at Microsoft, including a role as a test manager; mentoring security champions and coordinating security efforts across a development team of three hundred developers; and working with over nine teams across three business units to create a threat model for a complex product involving many components.

Sergio started focusing exclusively in security at Xero accounting software in 2016, where he worked closely with large parts of the business to design secure products and educate all staff on software security. Before starting his current role at NBN, Sergio contracted as a security architect at a utilities company supporting the secure development of a large project.

Sergio studied electronic engineering at University of Massachusetts and received a certificate on security risk analysis from Penn State University. He has held a CSSLP from ISC2.

Charlie Dai

Digital Transformation Advisor

Charlie Dai is the principal analyst in Forrester. He serves enterprise architecture professionals and offers strategic advice and guidance to Forrester clients in broad areas, including cloud (cloud-native & hybrid cloud management), big data and AI (machine learning & computer vision), IoT (IoT device OS & IoT software platforms), blockchain, quantum computing, digital process automation, DevOps, and open source software. He has rich experience in technology strategy, enterprise architecture, and software delivery management. Charlie is leading the global research on technology architecture in several emerging technology areas. He also focus on vendor landscape and best practices in China, Asia Pacific and worldwide. Charlie is a key contributor to the consulting team that helps Forrester’s clients address their business requirements and accelerate digital transformation. Charlie has extensive experience in program management, rich industry expertise, as well as a passion for helping customers achieve success.
Charlie has about 20 years of experience in the software industry, with PMP and ITIL certification. Before Forrester, Charlie was the senior manager, professional services, for Cordys (acquired by OpenText), a global vendor of BPMS and platform-as-a-service (PaaS) solutions for the telecom, banking, manufacturing, retail, and utility industries. Prior to Cordys, Charlie was the project and technical manager for Datang Telecom, providing software solutions for Chinese telco clients and enterprise customers in Asia Pacific and the US.
Charlie holds a B.S. in automation and M.S. in pattern recognition and intelligent systems from Tsinghua University of China.