Full-Stokes Polarization Perfect Absorption with Diatomic Metasurfaces

Metamaterial-based perfect absorbers provide efficient ways for selective absorption of light with both linear or circular polarizations. Perfect absorption for an arbitrary polarization requires the development of subwavelength structures absorbing efficiently elliptically polarized light, but they remain largely unexplored. Here, we design and realize experimentally novel plasmonic metasurfaces for full-Stokes polarization perfect absorption in the mid-infrared. The metasurface unit cell consists of coupled anisotropic meta-atoms forming a diatomic metamolecule. The designed plasmonic metastructures provide a strong field enhancement by at least 1 order of magnitude higher than conventional perfect absorbers. In experiment, our plasmonic metasurfaces demonstrate sharp differentiation of spectral responses for an arbitrary pair of orthogonal polarization states (linear, circular, or elliptical) providing perfect absorption for one polarization with strong reflection for its counterpart. Our results suggest a novel route for efficient control of light polarization in metasurfaces offering numerous potential applications ranging from thermal imaging to chiral molecule detection.

This paper was titled “Full-Stokes Polarization Perfect Absorption with Diatomic Metasurfaces” and published on Nano Letters. The first author is Yao Liang.

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