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Held from March 6th to March 8th at Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre, Singapore, Innofocus is set to proudly showcase our cutting-edge laser nano-manufacturing technology at Booth EG-04. We extend a warm invitation to our scientific and industrial partners to join us and explore the latest advancements in laser nano-manufacturing equipment and laser optical devices.

Highlights of our showcase include:
– World-First full view photonics metrology equipment for 3D refractive index imaging & characterization.
– World-leading Ultrafast FBG series products fabricated by ultrafast femtosecond fibre laser pulses.

Don’t miss our live demonstration featuring the world’s only commercially available photonics device 3D refractive index characterisation system. 

APE 2024 presents unparalleled opportunities for in-depth communication and business collaboration in the field of Photonics. Tune in and subscribe our social media for more exciting news from us at APE2024!



HoloView 3D Refractive Index Characterisation System

Innofocus has developed the world-first femtosecond laser nanofabrication equipment with unique in-situ 3D refractive index imaging functionality, namely nanoLAB H3D

It is the world’s only commercially available high-resolution in-situ 3D refractive index distribution characterization equipment, allowing on-line monitoring of fabrication process with a single equipment, streamlining nanofabrication measurement from a multi-step to a single-step process.

Furthermore, Innofocus has launched a standalone model of 3D refractive index metrology equipment named HoloView 3DRI, to meet the rapidly growing market demand for quality control in photonic chip design and manufacturing. It enables quantitative measurement of the surface and internal refractive index distribution with a one-click, automated and continuous characterisation process, taking 3D photonics quantitative metrology to a new era.

HoloView 3DRI and nanoLAB H3D are expected to provide promising solutions to lead the worldwide revolution towards nanomanufacturing in integrated photonics, 3D photonic chips, and optical communication industry.

nanoLAB H3D
HoloView 3D-RI
3D Refractive Index Characterisation
3D Refractive Index Characterisation


Ultrafast FBG Devices

Developed by Innofocus, our Ultrafast Fibre Bragg Grating (UFBG) are world-leading miniaturised optical devices fabricated by femtosecond ultrafast laser pulses. Different to traditional FBG processing with UV light and a phase mask, UFBGs are obtained with high mechanical strength, high temperature stability, fully customisable fabrication and wide dynamic range. Thus, UFBGs has the advantages of High Performance, High Consistency and High Customisability, making them extremely suitable for optical sensing systems, optical communication systems and high-power laser systems, impacting a wide range of Australian Sovereign industries including oil and gas, mining, transportation, and energy storage.

There are three minor product lines of UFBGs: UFBG_S, UFBG_W and Specialised UFBG. UFBG_S are standard UFBG devices with high performance, allowing our customers to select from a range of reflectivity, 3dB bandwidth and coating options.

UFBG_W device show ultra-low reflectivity down to 0.0001% and suitable for kilometre length sensing, while the high consistency of UFBG_W ensured the sensing accuracy.

Specialised UFBG devices are fully customisable in reflectivity, bandwidth and central wavelength, tailored to our customers’ special needs such as UFBGs with high reflectivity reaching 99.99% and ultra-narrow bandwidth down to 0.05 nm.



Roll-to-Roll Ultrafast FBG Nanomanufacturing

We are very excited to launch our world-first commercialised Roll-to-Roll FBG manufacturing equipment integrated with rollers specialized for fiber delivery and collection. It is the brand-new 6th model of our unique Innofocus nanoLAB series – nanoLAB r-FBG, which is able to fabricate FBG strings in kilometer length.

The nanoLAB r-FBG represents the state-of-the-art advanced FBG manufacturing equipment with key features including the PTST (Position-Time Synchronization Trigger) function, the PowerFlex precision power control module, and patented automatic fiber core recognition technology. These components effectively tackle the industry challenges encountered in FBG processing, truly taking FBG manufacturing to the intelligent era.



What's New.
Most Promising Australian Tech Company 2023 by CIO Review

Recently, Innofocus has been named one of the ’20 Most Promising Australian Tech Companies of 2023′ by the leading technology magazine CIO Review

Innofocus introduced advanced nanomanufacturing capabilities, which has set new standards for precision, resolution, and automation. Our innovations are driving progress across various industries, including ICT, optical sensing, optical computing, biomedical research, healthcare, food and agritech, energy, and precision processing.

Innofocus is a multi-awarded Australian deep tech company. We have been awarded “Top 10 Photonics Solution Providers APAC 2021” and “Company of the Year” by Semiconductor Review, and “A Tech23 DeepTech Gamechanging Company of Australia 2021” sponsored by DISER AusIndustry Entrepreneurs’ Programme, NSW Government, and CSIRO.

We have also been awarded the Engineers Australia 2022 Victoria Excellence Project Awards Finalist, Australian Technologies Competition 2022 (ATC22) Finalist, HelloTomorrow APAC 2022 Finalist, “Best Intelligent Laser Manufacturing Specialist 2022” in Australian Made Awards 2022, and “Best Full View Photonics Chip Metrology Specialist 2023” in Australian Made Awards 2023 by APAC Insider.



Net Zero.
Cooling Film
Without Consuming Electricity

Cooling systems contribute to a substantial share of global energy consumption. Today’s rising demand for cooling is putting enormous strain on electricity costs, as well as driving up significant emissions. There has never been a more urgent need for a novel cooling solution to address the Net Zero concerns.

Innofocus developed a high performance flexible film that can cool down any covered objects without consuming electricity. The patented film with nanostructure on its surface can allow objects to radiate heat completely into outer space (emissivity close to 100%) while completely avoid solar heat absorption in the visible and infrared, achieve the highest efficiency of radiative cooling.

Applications of the film will result in billions of dollars in savings while significantly reducing carbon footprints. The product is proven effective, with its unique performance that can revolutionise industries like food and agriculture, transportations, energy storage, data centres, etc.



nanoLAB Intelligent Laser Nanofabrication Product Series

Based on Innofocus’s world-leading technology advantages, combined with in-depth market analysis, Innofocus launched five new products at the Australian Manufacturing Week 2022 (AMW), named nanoLAB Series, to fulfill various industrial needs from different customers.

Innofocus’s nanoLAB Series include five models, MMF, DAF, AIV, TRB and H3D, each of which is equipped with different unique feature to further improve the degree of product intelligence and automation, to enable advanced manufacturing of industrial devices targetting various customer needs, and to enable advanced material processing for academic research.


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